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Injury Claim for Falling over Extension Cord in an Office

Can I make an injury claim for falling over extension cord in an office? I tripped over an extension cord recently and sprained my wrist, but my boss says that it was not there long enough for me to claim compensation.

You should be able to make an injury claim for falling over extension cord in an office — regardless of how long the hazard was present on the office floor. As long as a third party is responsible for your injury in the office and you did not contribute to your accident, you will be entitled to claim compensation. It is the duty of your employer to provide a safe environment in which to work, and should he fail in this duty he will be liable for any injury compensation. It is necessary to perform a risk assessment of a task that may be carried out in the office, and should any involve a potential hazard, steps should be taken in order to minimise the risk of injury.

In this particular case it would have been necessary to secure the cable of the extension cord to the floor with cable protectors. Hazard warning signs should also be placed in positions at which they will be clearly noticed. Regardless of whether the extension cord is being used for several days or a few minutes, these measures are required even if they appear to be excessive. These measures are required in order to avoid the type of accident that occurred in your scenario.

Your injury claim for falling over extension cord in an office could be affected upon whether you immediately sought medical attention for your injuries. Had you failed to seek immediate medical attention you may be accused of contributing to the extent of your injuries. However if you receive medical care immediately this will not only prevent the further deterioration of your injury, but it will also be noted in your medical history — a prerequisite for making a claim. You should record your accident in the Accident Report Book of your employer which can be used as evidence in order to support your claim.

If you believe you have a valid injury claim for falling over extension cord in an office, you are advised to contact an experienced personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity. This should be done in order to determine liability for your accident, analyse the strength of your claim and establish the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled. By doing so, you are greatly increasing your likelihood of a successful claim and ensuring that your case is handled professionally.