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Compensation for an Injury while Opening a Window at Work

Can you tell me how much compensation for an injury opening a window at work I am entitled to seek? I pulled a muscle in my lower back while opening a window and I have been in considerable pain for weeks.

We can tell you what can be included in a claim for compensation and how damages are calculated, but not how compensation for an injury while opening a window at work you may be entitled to seek. Calculating the value of a claim for a work injury is a complex process and your case will first have to be thoroughly investigated before your maximum entitlement to compensation can be determined.

You are entitled to seek general damages and special damages when you are claiming compensation for an injury opening a window at work. General damages are concerned with providing recompense for pain and suffering, loss of amenity and loss of opportunity due to your injury. Many factors can affect the amount of compensation that can be claimed as general damages, such as your general state of health, whether you had a pre-existing back condition and your age.

However the extent of the injury, how long it will take to make a full recovery and whether you are likely to suffer long term back problems as a result of your injury are the principal factors that will impact the potential value of your claim for a work injury. A doctor will first have to treat your back injury before the amount of compensation for a back injury at work you are entitled to can be determined.

Loss of amenity is intended to compensate you for the impact the injury has on your personal life therefore it can vary greatly depending on the circumstances surrounding the claim. If you are unable to partake in social activities, sports or hobbies that were part of your life before the accident you may be eligible to include this if you are claiming compensation for a back injury at work.

Special damages cover costs which have been incurred as a result of an injury and future expenses which will need to be covered. It is not possible to estimate a claim for special damages as costs are specific to each case. If you have had to pay for prescription charges, home help or medical treatment while you recover from your back injury, you can recuperate these costs under special damages.

As there are many variable factors to consider if you wish to seek compensation for an injury while opening a window at work you are best advised to speak with a personal injury solicitor as they will be able to assist you in preparing the strongest possible compensation claim.