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Claim for an Injury Sustained Working in Tesco

I recently hurt my back at work while lifting very heavy boxes in a Tesco storeroom, am I eligible to claim for an injury sustained working in Tesco?

You may be entitled to make a compensation claim for an injury sustained working in Tesco if you can demonstrate that Tesco are responsible for your injury. If the boxes were heavy why did you fail to use appropriate machinery? If there was no appropriate machinery or if it was in poor condition rendering it useless, you may be entitled to claim for an injury sustained working in Tesco.

Similarly you may also be eligible for compensation if you did not receive any training for lifting heavy items. Your priority after the incident should be your health and it is recommended that you seek professional medical attention to receive treatment for your injury and to ensure you do not affect it further. This is important because if you do not visit a GP or doctor, and decide to pursue a claim for compensation it is unlikely to be successful as the negligent party’s insurers could dispute your claim on the grounds that your injury was not serious enough to warrant professional medical care.

Once you have visited a GP or hospital you should then, if possible, begin gathering evidence to support your claim for an injury sustained working in Tesco. Photographs of the scene of the accident, CCTV footage and testimonies from witnesses who saw the accident can all be used to support your claim for compensation.

You should also speak with a work injury claims solicitor who will be able to advise you if it is worth your while pursuing a compensation claim. Your solicitor will likely advise you to make a record of the injury in Tesco’s ‘Accident Report Book’, you should include all relevant details of how the accident occurred in it, but you are under no obligation to mention who you believe is to blame for your injury.

Please be aware that Tesco, or most likely their insurance company, may approach you with a direct or unsolicited offer of compensation. All such offers should be referred to your solicitor as they will ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.