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Claim for an Injury to a Tesco Employee

I was recently involved in an accident at Tesco my place of employment and I may be eligible for compensation but I am unsure. What is the procedure that should be followed to successfully claim for an injury to a Tesco employee?

In order to make a compensation claim for an injury to a Tesco employee you must demonstrate that Tesco was liable for your accident. In order to do so you must gather sufficient evidence to support your claim and you are also advised to consult with a personal injury claims solicitor.

Your first priority should be your health and in the immediate aftermath of the accident, you should seek professional medical care. In doing so you are not only protecting your health but you will also ensure that the injury is recorded in your medical history which can be used to substantiate your compensation claim for an injury to a Tesco employee.

Once you have received professional medical care you should return to the scene of the accident and take photographs as well as obtain contact details of any people who may have seen your accident. It is also likely that Tesco will have captured your injury on their CCTV cameras; therefore you should also get a copy of that footage. These pieces of evidence will be important in supporting your claim for compensation.

You should also make a note of the incident in Tesco’s ‘Accident Report Book’, but please bear in mind you are under no obligation to mention who you believe is at fault for the accident and injury you sustained.

When you have completed these tasks it is recommended that you speak with a work injury claims solicitor as they will be able to evaluate the amount of compensation you may be entitled to claim and will also be able to advise you if it is worth your while making a claim.