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Claim for getting Knee Bursitis at Work

I’ve worked as a carpet fitter for the last 20 years, recently I’ve developed swelling and pain around my knee and it is quite difficult to move, I think I may have knee bursitis. Will I be entitled to claim for getting knee bursitis at work?

Your eligibility to claim for getting knee bursitis at work depends on whether you can demonstrate that your employer’s negligence contributed to your injury. Knee bursitis is an inflammation around the joints that comes from frequent and prolonged kneeling and usually develops over a period of time. It is one of the most common health problems among carpet fitters.

Therefore, your employer should be aware of the risks of staff developing knee bursitis and should have steps in place to prevent it from occurring, this would include educating staff about the health implications of prolonged kneeling and how to ensure you do not develop strain injuries. They are also obliged to provide fitters with relevant safety equipment such as knee pads, if this did not happen, you may be entitled to claim for getting knee bursitis at work.

Before you can pursue a compensation claim, you must first have your condition diagnosed by a GP or doctor, a failure to do so will jeopardise your claim. Once you have received adequate medical attention, you should speak with a personal injury claims solicitor as they will be able to best advise you on the steps you should take to build a strong claim for compensation. The majority of personal injury solicitors in the UK offer a free consultation service, thus you will be under no financial obligation to them by having your claim assessed.

It is likely they will advise you to gather evidence to support your claim such as photographs of any physical damage to the knee as well as investigating if any work colleagues are suffering from a similar condition, as this will greatly help to substantiate your compensation claim for getting knee bursitis at work.

You should also make a note of your injury in the employer’s ‘Accident Report Book’ although it is important to remember you are under no obligation to mention who you believe is at fault for your injury. Once you make this entry, it is likely the employer will have to notify their insurance company as it may be stipulated in the terms and conditions of their policy.

Naturally employees can be apprehensive about making a compensation claim against their employers but it is important to remember that any potential claim for compensation will be made against the employer’s insurance company and not the employer’s themselves. Correspondence with the insurance company should be handled by your solicitor and you are best advised to refer any direct offer of compensation to your solicitor to ensure you are not undercompensated in your compensation claim for getting knee bursitis at work.