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Medical Procedure Errors

I was told that medical procedure errors were the reason for me being given incorrect drugs in hospital which caused a seizure. Is it possible to claim compensation for the pain and suffering caused by these errors?

If a hospital has admitted that there were medical procedure errors, they could be considered to have accepted that they have been negligent in their duty of care. Under such circumstances it should be possible to make a claim for compensation for medical procedure errors if you have received an injury as a direct result of receiving the wrong medication; or if receiving the correct drugs would have prevented an injury or sped up recovery.

Prescription of medication in a hospital does not solely involve the doctor, but starts a procedure for the administration of treatment. Many people may be involved in the administration of that medication. An error can occur anywhere in the chain of events which follow a prescription being made, such as the correct recording of information, dispensing the correct drugs from the hospital pharmacy or the administration of the correct drugs in the correct dosage by nurses. An error made at any point in this process could lead to the patient receiving an incorrect dose, the wrong medication, or no medication at all.

In order for medical procedure errors compensation to be awarded in this case, it would be necessary to prove that the seizure you suffered, and any ill effects, was actually due to the incorrect medication that you were given, and would not have happened otherwise. As with all cases of medical negligence, it may appear that claiming compensation will be straightforward; however this is often not the case. It always pays to seek the advice of a medical negligence solicitor with any potential claim for medical procedure errors compensation.

Proving negligence, even when an apology has been issued, may not count as acceptance of negligence or of liability. Depending on the circumstances at the time, it may be deemed that the medication you were given had no bearing on the seizure you suffered, nor that it was caused by a delay in receiving the correct medication.

Only after a medical negligence solicitor has been able to assess your case and look at your medical records, will it be possible to tell if you are eligible to claim compensation, and if the medical procedure errors were due to the negligence of the hospital, and actually led to an injury being sustained.