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Miscarriage Misdiagnosis Compensation

Can I claim miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation for the loss of my baby? I was told that my baby had died, and took abortive drugs when there was nothing wrong with my pregnancy.

Miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation claims can be made when a miscarriage has been diagnosed resulting in an injury to mother or baby as a direct result. All too often, doctors place too much reliance on ultrasound tests and can fail to hear the heartbeat of a baby. When ultrasound equipment is aging and is out of date, this may be the reason why such a grave error can be made and may explain why there was a failure to detect a heartbeat. In such cases this is hospital medical negligence, and a claim for miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation should be possible.

When junior doctors, or inexperienced or incompetent physicians, fail to perform an examination correctly, it can result in the heartbeat of the baby not being found. However since this can have such serious consequences, a second opinion or further test should be called for. There have been a number of recent cases of misdiagnosed miscarriage where a mother has been told that her baby has died and this was not the case. The consequences of such a misdiagnosis are devastating, and result in women taking action based on unsound advice. This is one of the most serious instances of medical negligence, and in such cases a claim for miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation can be made against the OP/GYN doctor responsible, or the hospital.

Although compensation for miscarriage misdiagnosis would be possible in your case and should stand every chance of being successful, you must determine where the mistake was made and who the miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation claim should be made against. A claim may need to be made against the OB/GYN practitioner responsible for the misdiagnosis or against the hospital for failing to provide equipment which would allow for a correct diagnosis to be made.

Before a miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation claim is made, it is first necessary to make a formal complaint to the NHS to get answers as to why this mistake was allowed to happen. This will help you determine against whom the claim for miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation should be made. A medical negligence solicitor will be able to help you in this regard. A medical negligence solicitor will also be able to help with the claims process and will prepare the strongest possible case for miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation.

Although miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation claims can often be made, and high value miscarriage misdiagnosis compensation awarded, no amount of compensation can make up for such a grave case of medical negligence.