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Neck Stiffness after Car Accident

Is it possible to claim for neck stiffness after car accident if I was somewhat responsible for the causing the accident?

Without knowing the specific circumstances of the accident you were involved in, it is impossible to give an accurate answer as to whether you may claim neck stiffness after car accident compensation. A personal injury claims solicitor with experience in car accident claims would be in the best position to give advice on your particular situation. They will be able to evaluate your claim based on the information you provide them with and then inform you if it is possible to claim for your neck stiffness injury in this instance.

It is however likely that contributory negligence will be a factor in your claim for neck stiffness after car accident. This is when an accident victim is considered as being partially liable for the injury they have sustained. For example, an accident victim who fails to seek medical attention promptly following an accident, resulting in their injuries worsening, would be deemed partially responsible, as would the victim who is partly to blame for causing the accident in which their injury was sustained, like in your case. If you are deemed as being negligent, your degree of responsibility will be calculated based on a number of factors and your final settlement will be reduced by that percentage to reflect your lack of care.

To make sure that you obtain the maximum amount of car accident compensation you are entitled to even after contributory negligence is taken into account, there are a number of steps you should take after an accident. Your health should have been a top priority directly following the accident and you should have attended your local hospital or GP. Neck stiffness injury could be a symptom of whiplash; if whiplash is not treated correctly it can sometimes turn into a long-term health issue. Visiting the hospital would also provide a record of when your injury occurred in your medical history.

If police did not attend the scene, you should visit your local police station and file a report of the accident. Be as detailed as you can, providing witness statements if applicable. If there were CCTV cameras in the vicinity try to seek access to the recordings as they could provide further evidence for your car accident claim.

This is merely a general overview of how contributory negligence could affect your claim; it is by no means an alternative to the advice that a personal injury claims solicitor with knowledge of your injury will be able to give you. It is therefore advisable that you contact a solicitor at the first possible moment. If they consider your claim to be sufficiently strong, they may offer to represent you should you wish to pursue your claim for neck stiffness after car accident compensation.