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Nerve Damage by Dentist

I am suffering from nerve damage by dentist, how much am I entitled to claim for this?

The only way to find out how much you could be entitled to claim for nerve damage by dentist is by contacting a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in dealing with dental nerve damage injury claims and informing them of the specific circumstances of how your nerve damage was sustained and the extent of this damage. The information provided here regarding injury by dentist compensation will merely general advice, it is no substitute for discussing your potential claim with a solicitor at the first possible opportunity.

You say you are suffering from nerve damage; however it will be necessary to know what manner of nerve damage you are suffering from in order to make a claim and to find out how much compensation will be necessary. For instance, you could be suffering from nerve damage to tongue, nerve damage to lips, nerve damage to jaw or even your chin. If you are suffering from jaw, chin or lip nerve damage you may be experiencing numbness in these areas which is caused by damage to the inferior alveolar nerve which can occur during wisdom tooth extraction. Sometimes this can be addressed quickly with surgery, however sometimes it will require extensive medical treatment. Tongue nerve damage is caused by lingual nerve damage which can occur due to anaesthetic injections. It can cause debilitating pain and take a significant amount of heal.

Therefore, the amount of compensation for nerve damage by dentist is going to depend on the particular site of this nerve damage, the extent of this nerve damage and the pain and suffering you have endured because of it. When your final claim is being calculated the solicitors will also take into consideration your age, sex and general state of dental health prior to the nerve damage injury and the impact it has had on your quality of life consequently, both financially and psychologically. For instance, you could be compensated for any medical expenses you have incurred or may incur in the future and any emotional trauma or anxiety you have experienced as a result of this nerve damage.

Also necessary, with regards to claiming for injury by dentist compensation, will be establishing the negligence of your dentist for causing your nerve damage. It is likely that this will involve a panel of independent dental experts that will examine your dental records and any other evidence associated with dental nerve damage. They will attempt to ascertain whether or not your nerve damage was preventable and if another competent dentist would have been able to avoid it if different steps were taken with your treatment. This panel will then inform your solicitor of their conclusion and from their findings your solicitor will be able to determine whether or not you have a viable dental nerve damage injury claim. If your solicitor considers it to be or sufficient strength, he or she may offer you legal representation for your compensation claim for nerve damage by dentist.