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UK Beauty Salon Injury Claims

In the UK, beauty salon injury claims enable you to recover compensation when you have sustained an injury in a beauty salon. Irrespective of whether you are a client of the beauty salon or an employee, you should be entitled to make beauty salon injury claims in the UK if you have sustained an injury due to an avoidable accident in a beauty salon. If you have any questions about beauty salon injury claims in the UK, speak with an experienced solicitor on our freephone injury claims advice service for practical and up-to-date help.

Woman Settles Claim Against Hairdresser for Allergic Reaction

January 14, 2014

A woman, who had to receive medical attention for an irritable rash after a hair colouring treatment, has settled her claim against the hairdresser for an allergic reaction.

Grainne Moynihan (33), of Castleknock Park in Dublin, made a claim against her hairdresser – Coiffeur Salons Ltd, trading as Dylan Bradshaw, located in William Street South, Dublin – following a haircut and colouring treatment she underwent on 11th November 2010.

Grainne alleged in her action against the company that, following the treatment, she had developed an allergic reaction which had manifested as an itchy and irritable rash on her ears, neck and scalp. She claimed that she had sought medical attention when the rash developed, and had been prescribed oral steroids and antihistamine medication.

Coiffeur Salons Ltd denied that they had been negligent or responsible for Grainne´s injury, and entered a full defence against Grainne´s claim before the case was due to be heard by Judge Matthew Deery this week at the Circuit Civil Court.

However, before the scheduled hearing was due to commence, Judge Deery was told that a settlement of Grainne´s claim against the hairdresser for an allergic reaction had been agreed for an undisclosed amount and that the case could be struck from the records.

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Girl Receives Settlement of Eyebrow Wax Burn Claim

May 15, 2012

A teenage girl, who sustained a severe allergic reaction after a beauty salon treatment, has been awarded 1,000 pounds in settlement of her eyebrow wax burn claim for compensation.

The unnamed girl, who developed an allergic reaction to the eyebrow wax used in a treatment at the Crop Beauty Salon in October 2011, claimed in her action against the salon that it had failed to ensure that a safe product was used and as a result she sustained burns, swelling and redness to her eyebrows.

At the approval of her eyebrow wax burn claim, the court heard how the girl returned home from the beauty salon with a headache and puffy eyes. She went straight to the Accident and Emergency Department of her local hospital where she was diagnosed with a severe allergic reaction.

The reaction lasted for three weeks, during which time the girl suffered considerable pain which led to a loss of amenity. After seeking legal action, the teenager made a claim for eyebrow wax burn injury compensation and, after reviewing the girl´s claim, the Crop Beauty Salon admitted liability.

A compensation settlement of 1,000 pounds was agreed for the girl´s eyebrow wax burn claim and, as the girl was under the age of eighteen, settlement of the claim was first approved by the court before the claim could be concluded.

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Lords Hear of Risk of Injury due to PPD in Hair Dye

March 29, 2012

The House of Lords was addressed last week by Baroness Taylor of Bolton who brought to the Lord´s attention an increasing risk of injury due to PPD in hair dye.

An hour-long “debate” was scheduled in order that the Baroness could raise awareness of the dangers associated with the chemical para-Phenylensiamine (PPD) and ask the Government what steps were being taken to advise consumers in the UK of the risk of injury due to PPD in hair dye.

Baroness Taylor quoted a report that had been published in the British Medical Journal which claimed that 8 per cent of allergic skin reactions treated in hospital were attributable to PPD and that this percentage was increasing on an annual basis.

Lady Taylor – supported by Baroness Randerson, Viscount Montgomery of Alamein and Lord Collins of Highbury  called on the Government to improve the labelling on hair products containing para-Phenylensiamine to advise people of the risk of injury due to PPD in hair dye.

In response, Baroness Wilcox – Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State representing the Government – stated that the labelling of para-Phenylensiamine in hair dye was regulated by the European cosmetic products directive and was implemented into UK law as the Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 2008.

However, Baroness Wilcox advised the House that the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety was currently investigating the risk of injury due to PPD in hair dye and a report on their findings was due to be released in June. She said that the Government would participate in any co-ordinated campaign that emerges to protect the British consumer.

PPD in hair dye was blamed for the death of 17 year old Tabatha McCourt last October and for the condition of Julia McCabe, who remains in a coma after collapsing last year due to an alleged severe allergic reaction to para-Phenylensiamine.

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3,500 Pounds Compensation for Skin Reaction at Hairdressers

August 20, 2011

A woman from Bolton, who suffered an extreme reaction to chemicals used at her hairdressers, has been awarded 3,500 pounds in an out-of-court settlement.

Melanie Kenny (49) from Bolton, Manchester, was preparing to visit Edinburgh with friends when she attended the unnamed hairdressing salon for a treatment to dye her hair. Unfortunately, the chemicals within the dye reacted with her scalp and Melanie´s face became so swollen, she temporarily lost the vision in one eye.

The swelling and rash eventually receded after a course of anti-histamines, but doctors have advised Melanie not to have any hair colouring treatment in the future as it may result in her losing all her hair.

After taking legal advice, Melanie claimed that the staff at the salon should have treated her to see whether her skin reacted to the hair colour before applying it and sued them for professional negligence. The salon settled Melanie´s claim out of court and without admission of liability.

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Virgin Masseuses Awarded Repetitive Strain Injury Compensation

March 10, 2011

Two beauty therapists, who sustained repetitive strain injuries due to working long hours in the Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Club House, have been awarded compensation totalling over 300,000 pounds.

Jayne Evans (40) of Ruislip, Middlesex, and Michelle Hindmarch (32) of Banstead, Surrey, were both employed by Virgin Atlantic Airways in the VIP relaxation lounge at Heathrow’s Terminal Three to provide massages to air travellers waiting to board their flights.

Due to the popularity of the service, both were overworked, and complained to their managers about developing pains in their wrists, shoulders and backs. An attempt was made to limit the number of massages to two an hour, but due to flight scheduling this system could not be maintained.

It was also claimed in front of Judge Martin McKenna at the High Court that there were insufficient breaks between therapy sessions, and that using Shiatsu pressure-point techniques, which require heavy pressure and a fast pace, were directly responsible for the claimants repetitive strain injuries.

These injuries have caused both women to abandon the careers they had both trained for since leaving school and the muscular strain they still now experience affects trivial activities such as washing their hair or slicing vegetables.

Virgin Atlantic admitted liability for their ex-employees injuries, but are considering whether to appeal against the amounts of compensation awarded. Jayne is to receive 230,972 pounds, while Michelle was awarded the lesser sum of 69,458 pounds as she has found suitable employment elsewhere.

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