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UK Car Park Accidents

There are many different scenarios which could classify as car park accidents in the UK – a trip, slip or fall on a poorly maintained surface or an accident involving a delivery lorry or other mechanical equipment. When you have sustained an injury in a UK car park accident for which you were not to blame, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Discuss the circumstances of your car park accident with an experienced solicitor on our freephone injury claims advice service to determine whether you qualify for UK car park accidents compensation and “No Win, No Fee” legal representation.

Injury Claim for a Car Park Accident Settled by Negotiation

May 15, 2017

A woman who suffered brain damage when she was hit by an out-of-control car, has settled her injury claim for a car park accident for a six-figure amount.

On February 23rd 2016, Andrea Gregory – a 43-year-old beauty therapist from Nottingham – was hit by an out-of-control car just after parking her own vehicle in the car park of the local Netherfield Retail Park. Andrea was thrown into the air and hit her head on the asphalt as she landed – causing her to sustain a traumatic brain injury.

Andrea was taken to the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, where she remained in intensive care for three days. She was subsequently transferred to the neurology ward, where she was diagnosed with a contusion to the right frontal lobe of her brain and a contrecoup brain injury that caused Andrea to lose her senses of taste and smell.

Following her discharge a week later, Andrea suffered from debilitating vertigo for five weeks. She still suffers from accident-related anxiety, post-traumatic amnesia, and has problems with her eyesight. She was unable to return to work for several months and – due to the problems with her eyesight – has had to surrender her driving license.

Although the police investigation into the accident found the driver of the car that hit Andrea at fault, she sought legal advice about making an injury claim for a car park accident to ensure she was compensated for every consequence of her injury. Following a period of negotiation, Andrea´s solicitors secured a six-figure settlement from the negligent driver´s insurers that will fund any future support or rehabilitation she may need.

Speaking after her injury claim for a car park accident had been settled, Andrea said: “While it can’t undo what has happened, the settlement is a great relief because I know I have the funds for ongoing treatment as well as the ability to concentrate of my rehabilitation rather than worry about the bills.”

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Man Seeking Injury Compensation for an Accident with a Transit Van

August 10, 2015

An HGV driver, who suffered life-changing injuries while making a delivery, is seeking substantial injury compensation for an accident with a transit van.

In April 2015, John Finney (42) from Harthill, South Yorkshire, was making a delivery of wooden sleepers to the Station Hotel in Finningley, when he stopped what he was doing to guide a transit van past his vehicle into the hotel car park.

As John returned to his HGV and continued lowering the tail-lift, the van ran into him – pinning John to the back of his lorry and then dragging him along the tail-lift. John was rushed to hospital with injuries to his back, ribs and legs, and significant internal injuries.

John remained in intensive care at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary for eleven days receiving treatment for a dissected bowel, internal bleeding and injuries to his legs and spine. He had to undergo two separate operations to remove his appendix and part of his bowel.

Since his discharge from hospital, John has been unable to work and still suffers severe back pain. He is also unable to participate in his former hobbies of motor cycling and keep-fit, and cannot enjoy a meal with his family due to the back pain.

The driver responsible for causing John´s injuries was fined for causing the accident and given seven penalty points. John has now instructed solicitors to claim injury compensation for an accident with a transit van to account for his pain and suffering, his lost earnings and to pay for rehabilitation.

Speaking about the claim for injury compensation for an accident with a transit van, John said: “This incident has had a huge impact on my life as I can no longer do the things I have always enjoyed. I loved to keep fit and take part in charity walks, but I know that for the time-being those activities are a distant memory for me. I hope by speaking out it makes drivers think carefully about how they drive in future.”

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Man Awarded Compensation for a Fall at a Stately Home

January 17, 2013

A man who tripped and fell into a trench at Hopetoun House, sustaining a fractured right ankle, has been awarded £8,750 compensation for a fall at a stately home after a hearing at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

The court heard how John Cowan (65) from Livingston in West Lothian had visited Hopetoun House in Edinburgh with his grandson in September 2008 to take part in an organised “bat walk” – a tour of the historic home in which visitors armed with torches search for bats.

When the tour was finished, John and his grandson started to make their way back to the car park. John mistakenly stepped over the edge of an unlit “ha-ha” in the dark – a landscaping feature used to keep livestock away from the main property – and fractured his ankle when he fell into the five foot deep trench on the other side.

After receiving legal advice, John made a claim for a fall at a stately home against the Hopetoun House Preservation Trust. The Trust disputed John´s claim, stating that instructions were given by the tour guide on how to return to the car park at the end of the tour; however John said he had not heard the guide issue instructions, as he had taken his grandson to the toilet at the time.

Before Lord Bracadale at the Court of Sessions, Countryside Ranger Peter Stevens gave evidence that he had gathered the entire group inside the Ranger Centre at the end of the tour and gave directions on returning to the car park. He testified that, had he known John and his grandson were absent from the group, he would have given them individual instructions when they returned from the toilet.

However, Lord Bracadale found in John´s favour; stating that he considered Ranger Stevens to be mistaken. The judge acknowledged that, as John was carrying a torch at the time, there was an issue of contributory negligence involved and he reduced the proposed settlement of compensation for a fall in a stately home from £35,000 to £8,750.

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Shopping Centre Injury Claims Mount Up at Highcross

June 28, 2012

Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester is establishing a reputation as the most hazardous shopping centre in England, with four more shopping centre injury claims having been made since Gweneth Bowler successfully sued the shopping complex in December 2011 after fracturing her shoulder due to a slip on a wet surface.

Earlier this month, an unnamed Leicestershire woman was awarded 3,700 pounds after slipping and fracturing her ankle on the same access bridge between the shopping centre car park and the John Lewis store, while three claims remain outstanding due to slip injuries sustained in the shopping centre car park.

During Gweneth Bowler´s hearing in December, a Leicester City Council health and safety official had testified that the bridge´s surface represented a slip hazard due to poor drainage and inadequate cleaning. The recommendations of the council – including the improving the drainage system in the car park – were put into place earlier this year and no accidents have subsequently been reported.

Despite Highcross admitting liability for the two resolved shopping centre injury claims, no comment was available on the outstanding claims for shopping centre injury compensation – including a serious injury to a 40 year-old female shopper who required emergency surgery for a broken femur after a slip in the shopping centre car park.

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Car Park Slip Victim to Receive Shop Injury Compensation

December 3, 2011

A woman, who slipped and fell on her way from a shopping centre car park to the stores, is to receive an undisclosed amount of shop injury compensation after the shopping centre owners admitted liability for her injuries.

Gweneth Bowler (64) from Quorn, Leicestershire, fractured her right shoulder and hip when slipping on a wet surface that had formed within the covered bridge area connecting the Highcross Shopping Centre car park with the stores.

Following the accident, which happened in January 2011, Gweneth wrote to Leicester City Council about her slip at the shopping centre and injuries which prompted a health and safety investigation into the hazard. The investigation revealed that the floor surface of the bridge posed a high risk of slipping when the weather was wet and that there was evidence of inadequate cleaning.

After seeking legal advice, Gweneth then sued the owners of the shopping centre – Hammerson PLC – who admitted liability and negotiated an undisclosed settlement of shop injury compensation to account for the pain and suffering that Gweneth experienced at the time of her injury and her ongoing inability to drive and lift items of any weight.

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