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Builder Settles Claim for a Digger Accident on a Farm

April 3, 2017

A construction worker has settled his claim for a digger accident on a farm for a six-figure sum after his employer acknowledged health and safety failings.

The accident occurred on a farm near Tiverton in Devon, when a digger being operated by James Redwood (31) began to topple over as James was preparing groundworks for a construction project. James tried to jump to safety from the cab of the digger, but it fell on top of him – crushing his left leg.

James was taken to hospital, where doctors attempted to repair the broken bones in his leg with metal frames and pins. James underwent ultrasound treatment and a bone graft but, the when the bones in his leg failed to knit, doctors had no option but to amputate the leg below the knee.

After a lengthy period of rehabilitation – during which time he was fitted with a prosthetic leg – James sought legal advice and made a claim for a digger accident on a farm on the grounds his employer had failed to provide adequate safety equipment or conduct a risk assignment before assigning James the task.

After a period of negation, the claim for a digger accident on a farm was settled for an undisclosed six-figure sum. James told his local newspaper the settlement would help him start a property development and renovation company and allow him to get a special prosthetic leg that would enable him to continue his hobby of running.

With regard to his claim for a digger accident on a farm, James said: “I’m feeling positive about the future and hope that new and improved prosthetics will allow me to have greater mobility, not just for work but for general day-to-day activities and running”. He added: “I wish that they’d taken health and safety more seriously because, if they had, I wouldn’t be relying on prosthetics now.”