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Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claim Resolved for Former Engineer

March 31, 2017

An engineer, who previously worked on the production line at an MG Rover factory, has resolved his noise induced hearing loss claim for a four-figure sum.

Between 1970 and 1985, Dewi Thomas (67) from Llanelli in Carmarthenshire worked as line feeder in the plastic department of the local MG Rover factory. His role included feeding material into around thirty powerful and noisy plastic moulding machines.

In 2004, Dewi sought medical advice as he was experiencing difficulty understanding what people were saying in noisy environments and had started lip reading in order to take part in conversations. He was diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

As the only time he had ever been exposed to high levels of noise was while working at the MG Rover factory, Dewi sought legal advice and made a noise induced hearing loss claim against the company´s insurers.

Liability was admitted, and a four figure settlement of Dewi´s noise induced hearing loss claim was agree to compensate him for his injury and contribute towards the cost of his hearing aids. After the claim had been resolved, Dewi said:

“While I’m delighted to have secured the settlement, I know that nothing will ever change what has happened to me. I would urge all employers to always ensure they are providing their workers with adequate hearing protection and taking steps to prevent anyone else facing what I’ve been through.”

Dewi´s noise induced hearing loss claim was the result of prolonged exposure to a noisy environment without adequate hearing protection. However workers in all industries can suffer noise induced hearing loss caused by a one-time exposure to a sudden or intense “impulse” sound.

If you have been diagnosed with a hearing problem that may be attributable to lack of hearing protection in the workplace, it may be worth your while to discuss the circumstances of your injury with a solicitor to determine whether you also may be eligible to make a noise induced hearing loss claim.