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Office Injury on Wet Floor due to no Cleaning Sign

Can I claim for an office injury on wet floor due to no cleaning sign? I slipped and fractured my collarbone, but my manager has told me that I should have seen the cleaner and that I am not eligible for compensation. Is this true?

Sustaining an office injury on wet floor due to no cleaning sign is a clear health and safety hazard, and provided that you did not contribute to the extent of your injuries you may be entitled to claim compensation. Your employer has argued that because you did not see the cleaner working, you are not entitled to receive compensation. A clear and visible warning sign is a required aspect of any hazard in the workplace, and if this has not been provided your employer will be liable for any injury which you have sustained.

Before initiating a compensation claim for office injury on wet floor due to no cleaning sign, you should first seek immediate medical attention. This is not only to prevent your condition from deteriorating, but also to make a record of your injury in your medical history. Receiving treatment from a medical professional is necessary in order to prevent a potential argument against your claim stating that you had made your injuries worse by not tending to them, or that the injuries are not as severe as you claim.

As your employer has told you that you are unable to claim compensation for your injury, this indicates that he is unaware of compensation law or he is trying to discourage you from making a claim. Either way, it is possible that he will contest your claim to compensation and you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor after you have received medical assistance. You will be advised to submit a record of your accident and injury into the “Accident Report Book” of your employer, which can be used as evidence to support a claim. If your injury prevents you from working for seven days or more, your employer must make a report to the Health and Safety Executive who may investigate your accident. This can be of great benefit to your claim if they find your employer to be negligent.

Your claim for an office injury on wet floor due to no cleaning sign could come to an end if you receive an unsolicited offer of compensation from your employer’s insurance company. It is important that these offers are not immediately accepted and are always referred to your solicitor first. This is due to the fact that there is a high risk of being under-compensated, and should you accept this offer that transpires is insufficient to cover your expenses, you will be unable to return and ask for more. For this reason, you should contact your solicitor without delay upon receiving such an offer.