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Pallet Truck Accidents

How much compensation should you get for pallet truck accidents? I was offered three thousand pounds after a pallet truck crushed bones in my foot at the warehouse that I work in, but it does not seem like a lot.

How much compensation for pallet truck accidents you are entitled to receive does not depend on the cause of the injury but the extent of the injury, your personal circumstances and the consequences the injury has on your quality of life.

When preparing a claim for pallet truck accidents compensation, a solicitor will base the value of your pallet truck accidents claim on the severity of the injury in relation to your age, sex and general state of health prior to when the pallet truck accident occurred.

To that figure he will add a factor for “loss of amenity” — the deterioration in your quality of life due to your pallet truck injury — which will account for being unable to participate in regular hobbies and activities, drive and losing much of your independence while you make a recovery.

Any financial costs that you have incurred which are directly attributable to your injury — such as the cost of private rehabilitation or loss of earnings — will also be included in a claim for pallet trucks accidents compensation, so that your financial situation is the same as before your pallet truck accident occurred.

Once all of these factors are considered, your total compensation for pallet truck accidents may be more or less than three thousand pounds. It would be advisable to speak with a solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity in order to undergo a full assessment of your pallet truck accidents claim and determine whether the offer of pallets truck accidents compensation made to you represents a fair and adequate settlement.