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Compensation for Patient Slipping on Hospital Floor

Can I claim compensation for a patient slipping on a hospital floor if it was because I went to the toilet by myself when I wasn’t supposed to but the nurse was nowhere to be found?

It may be possible to claim compensation for patient slipping on hospital floor in this instance. Hospitals owe a duty of care to provide a safe environment for their patients while they are on the premises. This is not only with regards to medical procedures but also making sure that the entire surroundings of the hospital are hazard free. This duty of care also extends to the nurse who was looking after you. Although you should not have been going to the toilet by yourself, the fact that the nurse was not available to provide assistance suggests a demonstration of inadequate care which is unacceptable. Furthermore, the fact that you slipped also suggests that the floor was not adequately maintained for the safety of the patients or anybody else in the vicinity.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, should you choose to pursue a claim for slipping on a floor in hospital contributory negligence may be a factor. This is when an accident victim can be considered to be partially liable for the injuries that they sustained. It does not mean that you cannot make a claim but it may affect the value of your claim. The fact that you went to the toilet by yourself when you should not have may result in you being considered somewhat liable. Furthermore, if you slipped on a pool of water that had been clearly sign signposted then you could also be considered somewhat responsible for causing your injury. If this is the case then a certain amount of your final patient injury from hospital floor slipping settlement may be reduced somewhat to reflect your own lack of care. The percentage that it is reduced by will be dependent on just how responsible you are regarded as being.

The only way of knowing if you are eligible to make a claim and if contributory negligence will be an issue, is by discussing the specific circumstances of your patient injury from hospital floor slipping with a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible moment. They will be able to inform you of whether or not it is advisable to proceed with a claim for slipping on a floor in hospital, and how much you could be eligible to receive. They will calculate the value of your claim by taking into account your age, sex and general state of health before slipping, the pain and suffering you experienced and the impact it has had on your life as a result.

The information provided here is general advice, it is by no means an alternative to the specific information a solicitor who has been informed of your injury and the accident it was sustained in will be able to provide you with. If they consider your claim to be of sufficient strength, they may offer you representation if you opt to claim compensation for patient slipping on a hospital floor.