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Pedestrian Knocked Down by Minibus

Should my boyfriend pursue compensation as a pedestrian knocked down by minibus since he recently got offered compensation by the insurance company of the mini bus driver but it doesn’t seem like enough for the fractured knee he suffered?

In order to find out if your boyfriend should pursue compensation as a pedestrian knocked down by minibus, your boyfriend should speak with a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in mini bus injury claims at the first possible moment. His solicitor will be able to evaluate his claim based on a number of factors such as the specific details of how the accident occurred and the extent of his fractured knee injury. From this information, the solicitor will be able to tell your boyfriend whether or not he has a viable claim.

The fact that the insurance company has approached your boyfriend with an offer of compensation indicates that they unofficially consider their policy holder to be liable, which is a good sign of the strength of your boyfriend’s potential pedestrian road accident injury claim. Furthermore, it is always advisable to present any such offers to your solicitor as more often than not they prove to be inadequate when it comes to fully compensating for the extent of an accident injury.

The reason why insurance companies make unsolicited offers of compensation to accident victims is so that they may save money in the long term. If your boyfriend decides to accept an early settlement for being a pedestrian knocked down by minibus, then it will likely save the insurers a lot of money compared with the amount of mini bus injury compensation they may have to provide if your boyfriend pursues his claim through legal means, where the insurance company may also have to pay for the potential legal fees.

However, even though this offer may seem appealing and a way of avoiding potential legal strife, because these offers often happen soon after an accident occurs, it is unlikely that the insurance company will have had time to fully assess the repercussions of your boyfriend’s road accident injury. If your boyfriend does inadvertently accept an offer of compensation that is insufficient, he will not be able to return to the insurance company and ask for more. Your boyfriend’s solicitor will be able to assess the claim that has been offered to him and advise him of its adequacy and if a higher amount will be necessary for his knee fracture injury.

If his solicitor thinks that is probable that he will achieve more compensation should he pursue a claim for his pedestrian road accident injury, they may offer your boyfriend legal representation. Therefore, your boyfriend should contact a solicitor as soon as possible in order to begin the process for claiming compensation for pedestrian knocked down by minibus.