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Compensation Claims for Accidents in Primark

Is it possible to make compensation claims for accidents in Primark if I did not visit the hospital for ten days after I tripped over display equipment that been left on the floor and broke my toe?

The fact that you did not seek professional medical treatment from the hospital for ten days after you sustained your toe injury will not disqualify you from making compensation claims for accidents in Primark, but how much compensation for an accident in Primark you may be entitled to receive could be affected.

Even if the Primark store admits that their lack of care for failing to provide you with a safe environment in which to shop led to your accident, the store’s public liability insurers may claim that the company’s liability is limited because of your own “contributory negligence” following the accident.

The term contributory negligence is most commonly used to indicate that you may have contributed by your own actions to the cause of your accident in Primark but, in this case, it could be contested by the store’s insurers that you contributed to the severity of your toe injury by neglecting to seek professional medical treatment as soon as was practicable.

Although Primark´s insurers may have a valid argument concerning your potential contributory negligence, you should not accept any direct or unsolicited offer of injury compensation for an accident in Primark without undergoing a full assessment of your broken toe injury with a solicitor experienced in public liability compensation claims. The solicitor will establish whether your contributory negligence affected the severity of your injury, together with assessing your level of incapacity due to your accident in the store and the impact that the broken toe has had on your ability to complete everyday activities.

Compensation claims for accidents in Primark should take into consideration the pain you experienced when you tripped over the display equipment as well as your “loss of amenity”. The term loss of amenity refers to the loss of your ability to undertake everyday activities because of your toe injury, together with being unable to participate in social events or enjoy regular leisure pursuits which you would have been able to do prior to your accident.

A solicitor assessing compensation claims for accidents in Primark would also ensure the recovery of any expenses you have incurred that can be directly attributed to your broken toe. These can vary from the cost of medication and support aids to paying for travel on public transport if your broken toe restricts your driving ability. You can also reclaim any earnings you may have lost due to your trip in Primark.

Once a total of how much compensation for an accident in Primark you are entitled to is calculated, you may be allocated a percentage blame for making your toe injury worse by not visiting the hospital until ten days after your accident in Primark. This percentage would then be deducted from the total of injury compensation for your accident that your solicitor has calculated.

You are advised to speak with an experienced personal injury solicitor immediately for individual advice on compensation claims for accidents in Primark. This is because accurate calculations of injury compensation for an accident in Primark — and whether a percentage deduction should apply for your own contribution to the extent of your toe injury — can only be made following an assessment of your situation with a legal professional.