Reclaim PPI Form

How to Use our Reclaim PPI Form

We are aware that complicated PPI claims process has deterred many claimants from recovering the payment protection insurance compensation to which they are entitled – a fact evident by the billions of pounds in compensation that has not yet been claimed – and our “one-click” reclaim PPI form helps to eliminate much of the PPI claims process and can be used to find out whether you had PPI that you were unaware of.

To use our reclaim PPI form, simply enter the requested details and submit the form to us. One of our financial claims specialists will get back in touch with you to explain the PPI claims process and what happens next. If you are unsure of whether you had PPI, our specialist will ask you about credit agreements you entered into in the past and inform you whether you have a claim for payment protection insurance compensation which is worth your while to pursue.

Our reclaim PPI form offers a straightforward method for recovering payment protection insurance compensation. Rather than write letters to all the credit providers who may have mis-sold you PPI, you can use our reclaim PPI form to start the process for multiple claims and have our financial claims specialists manage your claim(s) for you.

Who is Entitled to Claim Payment Protection Insurance Compensation?

You are entitled to claim payment protection insurance compensation from your bank or other credit provider if you were mis-sold PPI and you paid a premium for the policy within the last six years, or if a PPI policy was added to your credit account without your knowledge and you have only found out within the past three years.

The criteria for determining whether or not you were mis-sold PPI are very simple. If you can answer “No” to any of the first three questions that follow, or “Yes” to any of the second set of three questions, it is likely that you are entitled to claim PPI compensation:

  1. Were you told that PPI could be purchased from other providers?
  2. Where you told that payment protection insurance was an optional extra?
  3. Were you asked about any health conditions that might have excluded you from the benefits of the policy?
  1. Were you self-employed, a student or pensioner at the time you were sold PPI?
  2. Were you in an occupational sick pay scheme at your work when you were sold PPI?
  3. Were you told that you would not be accepted for credit unless you took out payment protection insurance?

Even if you no longer have the paperwork from your credit agreement, it may still be possible to determine whether you had PPI, whether it was mis-sold to you, and whether you are entitled to claim payment protection insurance compensation. Simply complete our reclaim PPI form and let our financial claims specialist do the finding out for you.

Start the PPI Claims Process Today

You can start the PPI claims process today by completing our reclaim PPI form or by calling us directly and asking any questions you may have to one of our financial claims specialists. There is no obligation on you to proceed with the PPI claims process once you have spoken with us and all calls to our claims helpline are completely confidential.

Our claims specialist will want to know about all the credit agreements you entered into that might have had PPI added to them; so you might like to think about any large purchases you made on credit (including if you purchased a car from a car showroom) as well as any personal loans you applied for at your bank or any credit cards and store cards you may have taken out in the past ten years or so.

You do not have to give us any personal information such as account numbers at this stage. If it appears that you have a claim for payment protection insurance compensation, we will send you a claims pack in the post which contains a reclaim PPI form which you need to sign and return to us before we can act on your behalf.

Please note that we will never sell your personal information or pass it onto any unauthorised third parties. Furthermore, we work on a “no-win, no-fee” basis, so will never ask you for any money upfront and – if your claim for payment protection insurance is unsuccessful – you will not have to pay for our services.

Complete our reclaim PPI form today and start your PPI claims process.