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Claim for scalp damage from a hair product

I recently purchased hair relaxer but when I applied it to my hair my scalp was burned by the product, am I eligible to claim for scalp damage from a hair product?

Your eligibility to claim for scalp damage from a hair product depends on the circumstances surrounding your injury, the severity of the damage and the effect the injury will have on your personal life.

Before you seek to make a compensation claim for scalp damage from a hair product you must first ask yourself if any underlying medical conditions could have caused your scalp to have an adverse reaction to the hair product.

If the product contained a substance that you were aware you were allergic to or if you failed to follow the instructions for use correctly, it is unlikely you would be eligible to claim compensation for scalp damage.

However, if the above does not apply and you believe the product contained substances which were harmful, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Generally, hair products contain a wide variety of chemicals which is why if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a scalp injury from a hair product you should hold on to the packaging and any remaining contents of the product so that it can be tested.

In the aftermath of the incident, your first priority must be your health; therefore it is imperative that you seek professional medical care without delay. Not only will you learn about the extent of your injuries but it will also mean that your injury will be recorded in your medical history which will substantiate any claim for scalp damage from a hair product.

Once you have tended to your health, you should take photographs of the damage to your scalp as well as photos of the product and its contents and these may be used as evidence to support your claim.

You should contact a personal injury solicitor as he or she will be able to evaluate your claim and advise if it is worth your while pursuing compensation. You should do this without delay, as you only have three years from the ‘date of knowledge’ – the day you first became aware of your injury – to make a claim and in a case such as this where the contents of the product will likely have to be tested, your claim for compensation could take some time.

Your personal injury solicitor will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to for your injuries be they physical and/or psychological.