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Should I Claim for Whiplash

Should I claim for whiplash? I was recently involved in a road traffic accident in which I suffered whiplash. At the time of the accident, which happened at a slow speed, I walked away from the accident unhurt (or so I thought). It wasn’t until the next day that I noticed a pain in my neck and upper back. As there was no damage done to either car, I did not think it was necessary to swap insurance details with the other driver.

Should I claim for whiplash? Although it may seem as if making an appointment to speak with a solicitor immediately would be a prudent action in your present circumstance, you should first visit the Accident and Emergency room of your nearest hospital to have your whiplash treated. Without first receiving treatment for your injury it may be impossible for you to retrieve compensation. Once you have been treated you should request a copy of the medical report which was filled out when you were examined – this will serve as a vital piece of evidence in your pursuit of compensation. After seeking medical attention you can ask a solicitor “Should I claim for whiplash?”

A solicitor will be able to assess your claim based on its merits and tell you whether or not you are entitled to compensation, and if so, may be able to provide you with an estimate of how much you might be eligible to receive. Your solicitor will also be able to advise you on the proper protocol which should be followed following a road traffic accident. As you mentioned in your question you did not seek medical attention immediately or think to swap contact and insurance details with the person who you collided with, despite this oversight it may still be possible to compensation.

As you did not swap details with the other driver, you must attempt to locate them. This may be possible if CCTV footage of the crash exists. If you can locate the other driver, you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation against their insurance policy. In the meantime, you should if possible, collect statements from any witnesses who saw the crash – perhaps people you know, and take photos of your injury.

Before asking “Should I claim for whiplash?” you must first assess whether or not you are eligible to claim for compensation by speaking with a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible opportunity.