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Slipped on Improperly Signed Wet Floors

Can I claim compensation if I slipped on improperly signed wet floors? I broke my ankle after I failed to notice the signs indicating the hazard, but my manager says I was being careless and should have noticed the warnings.

If the negligence of a third party resulted in an accident, you will be able to claim compensation if you slipped on improperly signed wet floors. In any area which represents a health and safety hazard, sufficient warning must be given so that an individual can reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring. In this situation, your entitlement to compensation will depend upon where the warning signs were located and if they were displayed prominently enough to avoid an accident.

It may be possible that you slipped on an improperly signed wet floor as the warning signs were not prominent enough for you to notice. This can be the scenario if a sign was awkwardly stuck on a doorway that could be easily missed or if a bright yellow sign was not present at the area in which the cleaning was taking place. Your employer could argue that this was the fault of the cleaners and not them, but this is not the case. Your employer is responsible for providing a safe working environment, ensuring that health and safety protocol is met and that the likelihood of an accident occurring is minimal. Should your employer fail in this duty, liability will lie with them.

However it is still possible that you were responsible for your accident. This can happen if warning signs were adequately displayed but you chose to ignore them, or did not see them due to carelessness. Contributory negligence may also be the case if you neglected to seek immediate medical attention, and as a result you made your injuries worse. For this reason it is crucial that you visit a medical professional immediately after an accident has occurred.

In order to determine who is liable for your accident in which you slipped on improperly signed wet floors, you are advised to discuss the circumstances of your injury with a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity. A solicitor can also determine the amount of compensation to which you may be eligible, which will be useful should you receive an unsolicited offer of compensation from your employer’s insurance company. Such offers are often made with the intention of saving money for the insurance company, and do not reflect the full amount of compensation to which you may be entitled. If you receive an offer which does not reflect your circumstances you will know to consult your solicitor, who can negotiate a fairer amount on your behalf. For this reason, it is advised that you contact a solicitor at the earliest opportunity.