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Slipped on Wet Floor in Wagamama

I slipped on wet floor in Wagamama and broke my foot and my mother says I should claim for general damages. What does that involve?

General damages in relation to a claim for when you slipped on wet floor in Wagamama will be the area that accounts for the pain and suffering that you may have endured during and after sustaining your wet floor slipping injury in Wagamama. When evaluating how much you could be entitled to in this area of personal injury claim your solicitor will take into consideration your age, sex and general state of health before the accident and the impact it has had on your quality of life. This is in terms of both physical injury and psychological injury. This aspect of general damages is called “loss of amenity”.

If you have had to make either permanent or temporary non-financial changes to your life due to the foot injury you sustained when you slipped on wet floor in Wagamama, this will also be accounted for in your final Wagamama injury claim settlement. This can include being unable to do what would generally be normal, everyday tasks for you such as social activities or pastimes. You should keep track of any of these changes and try to retain evidence of it where possible. Evidence of this could include a diary where you have recorded instances of when you have been unable to take part in typical activities because of the physical difficulty of your injury or because your injury has caused you to feel anxiety or emotional trauma.

You will only be able to claim for special damages as part of your Wagamama injury claim if you are able to establish that Wagamama was negligent. If there is no negligent party, there is nobody to make a claim against. Therefore, as soon as you have received prompt professional medical treatment you should try to compile any evidence that will demonstrate the negligence of the restaurant. Under the the Occupiers Liability Act (1957) public establishments and restaurants such as Wagamama owe their customers a duty of care when it comes to their health and safety for the duration of time that they are on the premises. This means that they have a responsibility to provide a safe environment free from any potential hazards. If you can provide evidence that will demonstrate that they breached this duty of care, it will help strengthen your wet floor slipping injury in Wagamama claim.

If you haven’t already, you should return to Wagamama and write a comprehensive account of the accident in their “Accident Report Book”. Include everything you can think of, include any witness testimonials from people who were around when your slipping injury occurred and any staff members who provided you aid afterwards. If there were CCTV cameras in the vicinity you should attempt to seek access to these, as footage of the circumstances of how you slipped may suggest negligence on the part of Wagamama.

It is advisable that you contact a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible moment. Only they will be able to tell you how general damages will relate to your claim and how best to proceed in initiating it. You should provide them with any evidence you have been able to gather. After they evaluate it they will be able to determine your claims viability. If they deem it to have a considerable chance of success they may offer to represent you when you pursue compensation for when you slipped on wet floor in Wagamama.