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Claim for Slipping in a Beauty Salon

Am I eligible to make a personal injury compensation claim for slipping in a beauty salon if I recently slipped on a wet floor in the premises and broke my wrist?

Your eligibility to make a claim for slipping in a beauty salon depends on a number of factors. If the floor was wet for a considerable amount of time before you slipped, and no hazard signs were present, you may be eligible to claim compensation for having slipped in a beauty salon.

However, you should also bear in mind that accidents sometimes occur that are simply unavoidable. For example, a water bottle a customer had in their bag may have leaked causing water to seep onto the floor just before you slipped on it. In this instance, it is unlikely you would be entitled to compensation as it would not be reasonable to expect staff to notice the leak immediately after it occurred.

Nonetheless if you are injured in a fall, your first priority must be your health and you should seek immediate professional medical attention. This will ensure your injury is recorded in your medical history and will substantiate any claim for slipping in a beauty salon. It will also mean that it cannot be alleged by the negligent party’s insurance company that you adversely affected your injury by not seeking immediate medical attention, as this could affect the amount of compensation for having slipped in a beauty salon you are entitled to if it is determined that you contributed to the severity of your injury through your own carelessness.

Once you have received professional medical attention, you should record your injury in the business’ ‘Accident Report Book’ and also keep a copy for yourself. Once the record is made, the salon may have to inform their insurance company about the accident as it is likely to be stipulated in their insurance policy. Thereafter, you may be approached with a direct or early offer of compensation for having slipped in a beauty salon from the insurance company; especially if they have been able to view CCTV footage of the incident.

It is imperative that you consult a personal injury solicitor about any direct offer you receive. This is due to the fact that the full value of your compensation claim will not yet be known and, by accepting a direct offer of compensation, you risk being undercompensated for your injury and you cannot go back and ask for more should it prove to be inadequate.

It is also likely you know the beauty salon staff, as many customers tend to be regulars. It is natural to feel emotional about making a claim against a business where you know the staff on a personal level, but please be aware that your potential compensation claim for slipping in a beauty salon will be against the salon’s insurance company not the staff themselves.

Please be aware the no two compensation claims are the same as the circumstances surrounding the accident and the impact an injury has on a claimant’s life differs from claim to claim. Therefore, it is best advised that you contact a personal injury solicitor to determine if you are entitled to claim compensation for having slipped in a beauty salon and to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are eligible for.