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Compensation for Slipping in a Railway Station

I read that it may be possible to pursue compensate on for slipping in a railway station if there was there was no warning sign and the floor was wet. Can I make a claim?

It should be possible to claim compensation for slipping in a railway station, although the lack of a warning sign does not necessarily mean you will automatically be entitled to compensation. Your eligibility to claim should therefore be confirmed by a personal injury solicitor.

It is a standard health and safety practice for a wet floor A-board warning sign to be placed over a wet floor to alert members of the public that the floor is wet and hazardous. There is a strong probability you can claim for injury if no warning sign was present.

Your ability to claim will depend on the circumstances in which the floor became wet. If the floor was wet after the staff had mopped and no warning sign was used, this can certainly be considered as negligence. However, if water had been spilled by a customer, the staff must be given an adequate amount of time to alert customers about the wet floor and the risk of falling.

If your compensation claim for a railway injury happened shortly after the spillage occurred, the staff may not have had sufficient time to alert the public about the risk it represented. Therefore if it was not possible for your slip to have been avoided, or if it would have been unreasonable to expect the staff to have taken action to alert you to the risk of slipping based on the circumstances surrounding the accident, it is highly unlikely that a you will be able to successfully claim for a fall at a railway station.

Therefore you will need to demonstrate that staff failed in their duty of care to you by not alerting the public about the wet floor despite having a reasonable amount of time to do so in order to successfully claim compensation for slipping in a railway station. You are advised to obtain CCTV camera footage of your fall if possible, this will show how long the water had been present before your fall and if staff were negligent. It is also important that an accident book report is made, as this can also be used to substantiate your compensation claim for a railway injury. If you have not yet made the report you should return to the station as soon as possible to document the accident.

Since a claim for a fall at a railway station still has potential to be complicated even if a warning sign was not used, we recommend that you speak with a personal injury solicitor about your claim. He or she will ensure that you build the strongest possible claim for compensation for slipping in a railway station.