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Compensation for Falling in a Topman Shop

Is it possible to claim compensation for falling in a Topman shop due to slipping on water that was on the floor? I suffered concussion when I fell and still get headaches.

If you fell in a Topman store and were concussed because of the shop´s lack of care to protect their clients from risk of injury, you should be eligible to make a claim for compensation for falling in a Topman shop. However, in order to make a successful injury compensation claim for falling in a Topman shop, it has to be shown that you sustained a quantifiable injury for which the Topman shop is liable, and that the company’s liability arises from a breach in their duty of care.

Proving that you sustained an injury when you fell will not be difficult if you visited a hospital or your family GP immediately after your accident in Topman, as details of your head injury will be recorded in your medical notes. If you did not seek immediate medical attention, this does not disqualify you from making a compensation claim for falling in Topman but, if the company’s liability insurers claim that you made your injury worse by delaying medical treatment, the amount of compensation for falling in Topman’s that you are awarded may be reduced as a result of your own lack of care.

At the time of your accident in Topman’s — or as soon as was possible afterwards — you should have made a report of your concussion injury in Topman´s “Accident Report Book”. If you have not yet accomplished this, it is not too late to return to Topman and report your head injury and, if any staff assisted you after you fell, make a note of their names in order to support your compensation claim for falling in Topman. Topman shops also have CCTV cameras to monitor activity on their premises and, should a security camera have been trained on the area in the Topman store where the water presented a risk of injury, you can make an “Access Request” to the store for a copy of the security video.

Even if you feel able — while you are recovering from your head injury — to undertake the procedures which are necessary prior to claiming compensation, it is often in advisable to engage the services of a personal injury solicitor to help you. In addition to dealing with the formalities of an injury compensation claim for falling in Topman, your solicitor will be able to inform you of the value of injury compensation for a fall in Topman that you may be entitled to receive. This is a valuable piece of information for you to know should you be approached directly by the company’s liability insurers with an unsolicited offer of injury compensation for falling in a Topman shop.

The longer you leave making an injury compensation claim for falling in Topman, the more difficult it will be to collect the evidence required to prove the company’s liability for your concussion injury. The memories of any staff that assisted you following your fall may fade over time and the store may record over their security videos if the originals are surplus to requirements. Therefore, it is your best interests to discuss your accident in a Topman shop with a personal injury solicitor as early as possible to ensure you receive your full entitlement to compensation for falling in a Topman shop.