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Waiter Burned by a Hot Plate

I would like to claim compensation as a waiter burned by a hot plate, what do I need to do before I can initiate the claim?

To successfully pursue compensation for a waiter burned by a hot plate you will need to prove that your injury was caused by third party negligence. However in the immediate aftermath of the accident, your health should be your first priority therefore you should seek medical attention from a doctor or your GP before you begin collecting evidence of negligence.

A doctor must assess the severity of your injury to ensure you receive the correct treatment, it is also imperative that your injury is detailed in your medical records. If no medical record of your injury exists, you will not be entitled to make a claim for compensation for a work injury.

You should also make an official report of the accident to your employer. The best way to do this is to record the accident in the company’s accident report book. The report should detail the cause of the accident, as well as the location where it occurred. You should include your name and address and telephone number, as well as the names of any staff that helped you or who witnessed the accident.

A waiter burned by a hot plate who wishes to make a burn injury claim must support their case with evidence of negligence from their employer. While the accident book report can be used to support your burn injury claim, it will also be beneficial to your case if you can collect other evidence of negligence.

For example it is likely you accident will have been captured on camera as the majority of public buildings have CCTV cameras installed today, you are legally entitled to any recording of you under the Data Protection Act therefore you should request a copy to support your claim for compensation for a work injury.

It would be in your best interests to speak with a personal injury solicitor as they will ensure that your claim has the maximum probability of being successful and that you can recover your full entitlement to compensation for a waiter burned by a hot plate.