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Compensation for Whiplash on an Airplane

I would like to claim compensation for whiplash on an airplane and was wondering who is liable for my injury?

Firstly you need to ensure that your eligibility to claim compensation for whiplash on an airplane is confirmed by a personal injury solicitor. Although you may have suffered a whiplash injury and could be entitled to make an airplane compensation claim in order to successfully obtain compensation, you will need to demonstrate that a third party who owed you a duty of care was negligent.

When you speak with a solicitor, this factor must first be established before you can pursue a claim for a whiplash injury. A personal injury solicitor will refer to the Montreal Convention if you are seeking compensation, the convention states that any accident that occurs between embarking and disembarking the aircraft is the responsibility of the aircraft operator provided that you can demonstrate that you suffered your injury as a direct result of the accident.

If you intend to claim compensation for whiplash on an airplane, you are strongly advised to seek professional medical care for your injury once you arrive at your destination. Even if you feel your injuries are not too serious, it can take time for whiplash to fully develop. In order to successfully make a claim for a whiplash injury a note of the trauma you sustained must be contained in your medical record, otherwise you risk the negligent party’s insurers trivialising your injury as not being too serious since you failed to visit a doctor or GP.

When this has been done, you are advised to speak with a personal injury solicitor about your claim for compensation. A solicitor is in the best position to advise you how much your airplane compensation claim is worth and what you are entitled to recover under general damages and your loss of amenity. Compensation for a loss of amenity reflects the impact of the injury on your long-term health and the effect it has on your personal life such as being unable to work. These factors will alter the value of your claim for compensation for whiplash on an airplane.